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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

French Architectural Prints

I came across these antique French prints at an estate sale a few days ago.  I couldn't afford them, but the pics were free!

 The first print shows a fireplace elevation, the ceiling above and a section to the right and the tile floor plan on the bottom.  If my French translations are correct, it is for a dining room.  Isnt the wallpaper pattern on the walls and ceiling great ?

 The second print is for a painted design on a ceiling.  The top section shows the profile section thru the plaster moulding.

The last print shows the wall paper pattern for a parlor or living room at a hotel.  The bottom drawing shows a plan view section of the wall and how the doors sit it in.  The strikingly handsome reflection in the glass is yours truly ;)


  1. Well, yours truly, thank you for sharing these prints with us. The wall paper in the bottom photo with your reflection is just stunning. I especially love the design around the door.

  2. Hello Troy,
    It is a shame they were so expensive, but the pictures are fantastic. Gorgeous prints! The last print is for a smoking room I believe...a rather beautiful one!
    Big hug,

  3. Thanks for sharing these, Troy. I love the wall and ceiling designs for the dining room! It's a pity they were asking so much for them, but great that you were able to take photos - nice clear ones, too, thank you!

  4. Hi Troy,

    Nice to see a post from you, again! Are you all settled into your new place? Thanks for sharing the gorgeous prints.


    1. Hi John, Mostly settled except for the miniature room. Finally sold our old house last week so now I have some funds to get going on that. Thanks for asking!

  5. Thank you for showing these pictures, I'm sorry for being too expensive.
      hug, Fernanda

  6. HI Troy! The prints are Sumptuous but I thought the second one was of a rug! I think it would make a great carpet, as ceilings can be difficult to view depending on the height of the doll's house, that is. I am happy to see you blogging once again. I have missed your posts.