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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vacant Houses

Tonight's project was packing up the miniature room in preparation for the move to our new house next weekend.  It was a nice trip down memory lane.

 This house is the Crescent Moon Cottage.  It is my oldest dollhouse and dates from the early 1900's.  It is the current home to my Tynietoy collection.  You can find an older post about the house here and see pictures of it with some furniture:  Crescent Mood Cottage

 This house is the Playmobil Victorian Mansion - I am wondering if I need to take it apart to move it across town?  For reasons I still dont understand, my original post about the house is one of the most popular on my blog as far as the numbers are concerned.  You can find the origina post here:  Playmobil Victorian House

 This vacant house is my Walmar house from the 1970's and houses my Halls Lifetime Collection furniture.  I still have some retro wallpaper to install.  You can find a post about how I came across this house here including my correspondence with someone who worked at the factory:  Walmar House  
My Halls furniture collection can be found here: Hall's Lifetime Furniture

 This maple drawer from a dumpster dive exposition, turned display, is home to my Tootsietoy collection.  Click on this link to see it:  Tootsietoy

 My daughter Carolyn packed up her house tonight too. The original post about the house is here: Carolyns Place

 This sticker clad home is where I keep my Strombecker Walnut collection.  This house is still on the waiting list for updates, including new windows and some vintage wall covering.  My Strombecker Walnut Furniture can be seen here:  Strombecker Walnut

You can read more about the my Garbe house here in it's original post here:  Garbe House


  1. Espero que todas esas preciosas casas lleguen en perfecto estado a su nuevo destino,me encantan todas!!!!

  2. Troy, It's fun to see a bunch of your houses all at one time. I love your idea of using a drawer as a wall house. Great idea! Now I know what to do with drawers....How about the chest itself? I have seen people put shelves in where the drawers should be... Why couldn't those be used too? We may never have do buy another dollhouse. Just go looking for old furniture by the side of the road!LOL

  3. I think casey said it better than I can, I just drove by some furniture on the the side of the road and I was tempted to stop because it had some shelves..if I picked it up my husband would probably kill me

  4. Hey Troy, very cool post! THNX for showing us your amazing collection of houses and furniture. I like the tootsietoy collection, especially the wallpaper in the greenroom. Goodluck packing up! gr. AM

  5. It's great to see your house collection "in the raw" ! Sometimes it is difficult to see the buildings when they are all "done up!"
    Good luck with the move!

  6. What an awesome collection, Troy. It's been a while since I've moved but I remember how emotional it can be. I wish you and your family a smooth transition and much luck and happiness in your new home.

  7. Aw it makes me feel kind of sad that they are all empty now, but I look forward to getting them all decorated again! :-)

  8. Que bonitas son todas.
    un besin