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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Recent Acquisitions

 Here are a few of my recent acquisitions.  I have not really had time to work on projects, but I have taken time during my lunch hours to find a few pieces here and there.  The small painting was at a garage sale.  The small glass vase and yellow glass picture were at an estate sale.  The yellow glass pitcher has flowers painted on it.  I picked up the stove on eBay via Canada. It was made in Germany.
 I came across these small resin buildings at another estate sale.  They are actually thimbles!  I figured they might be good accessories in one of my houses.  They are less than one inch tall and very detailed.

 I found this old Tupperware container at an estate sale this week.  It was one price for the whole lot.  There were a few treasures in there. Also a bag full of small lead pieces and accessories.

 The piece I like most is the metal wringer - other pieces were a working Tiffany style lamp, some clay pots and some metal pieces.  


  1. Oh!!! que hermosura de adquisiciones,
    La "Remington" es un tesoro
    Un abrazo

  2. Your acquisitions are little treasures.
    Bye Faby

  3. Vaya!!! que maravilla,buenisima compra,una abrazo.Rosa.

  4. Hi Troy, you do have a good eye for lucky finds! great new hoarde, congratulations!!


  5. Ilove very mini houses.
    I have a samll city with them
    Yours are very nice as the rest of the things

  6. Really its acquisitions are amazing! Great 'mining'!

  7. Troy, I don't know how on earth you find all this cool stuff! I never have such good luck...

    Happy Hunting'