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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Arcade Laundry Room

Arcade made cardboard rooms for each of the sets of furniture. My family surprised me with the complete Arcade laundry room pieces for Father's Day this year, so I have been working on creating a room to display them in. I bid on an authentic cardboard room a few months ago, but the price soared far above what I could pay. I was able to snap some pictures and create a reproduction of the room myself. Hopefully this didn't break any copyright laws!  The cardboard rooms were produced between 1925 - 1936.  I used foam core instead of cardboard.

I was amused at the details in the room.  Even though it was just a cardboard lighograph, ( 4 color) it has items like electrical outlets at each corner above the base board, a water heater, wall sconces, windows with with curtains and crown molding.  I also like the random pattern of the tile floor.  The detail on the door with the cottage-like hinges are pretty interesting too. 

 The Thor washing machine has a wringer that swivels, and a nickel plated agitator inside.  The double boiler has 2 burners on top and a giant cast iron pot.

The double laundry sink has "Standard" logos on each side. 

The ironer or "mangle" has a large nickel plated press on a spring and a white wooden dowel that spins.  It also has a "Thor" label on the front ( and the Arcade sticker on the back)  You can see the stand for the laundry sink from the side.


  1. That is a fantastic copy of the room. Well done, it must have taken hours & hours to do.

  2. Great job recreating this room! It's perfect!

  3. Great job, it looks very authentic!

  4. This is so cool!! I love it!!