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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Colonial House by Rich Toys

Colonial Dollhouse


I purchased this house on Ebay about a year ago and it has sat disassembled in a box until yesterday
I plan on working to restore the windows.  The house is by Rich Toys and was produced in the mid-1940's.  I plan on keeping my collections of Kage furniture in it for now.



more to come !


  1. I have this dollhouse with a staircase on the left side. Mine is missing the door hinges and has been badly wired in place. Are the hinges secured with screws or brads?

  2. And mine does not have an actual round attic window. Mine is smaller rectangle painted like the rest of the side. Wonder why the change in design? I've found an ad for one that was similar and wired for electric. Originally sold for $22.50. Back in the day that was big bucks!