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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Glitter Houses

We had the family over today for Sunday dinner.   Before dinner, we had some fun building glitter or putz houses.  I have always been fascinated by them.

I came up with some ideas and drew them out in AutoCAD

Next I figured out a way to fit all of the pieces on 8.5" X 11" sheets of paper so that I could print them out.

I printed the design on thick card-stock and cut out the pieces.  I was kind of under a time crunch, next time I will design the buildings and cut them out on a laser cuter.  I made a kit of parts for each guest.

It was a great project for all ages from my youngest niece Emma age 4 ( in pink)- 
up to Grandma ( who would kill me if I posted her age) 

More pictures later after we finish up !

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sonia Messer Repairs

The replacement pieces are made and glued in place.  

As you may recall from my last post, this is what I started out with. 
A complete chair and an incomplete sofa.

I carefully removed the arms, supports and  one of the carved ball and claw legs from the chair so that I could reproduce them.  This was my first experience making molds and creating resin pieces and I have to admit, it was fun.  I have posted a few pictures of the progress below.

This was my first attempt at making two piece molds - there are several helpful videos online that you should watch before you attempt.

I will confess, it took several tries to figure out what I was doing.  The first 4 arms did not work out and the first two of the five ball and claw feet that I made did not turn out.  You can see the leg at bottom right (above) Air in the mold caused the ball and claw not to form where the chair leg got skinny.  I figured out a work-around, I filled this part of the mold first, then put the two pieces of the mold together and filled it the rest of the way up with the resin.

Here are the finished pieces of resin, cleaned up and sanded and ready for paint and stain and a clear coat.

Here you can see the chair re-assembled and the sofa with its new arms and legs.
If anyone needs any molds for Sonia Messer legs and arms, I know where you can get find some real cheap!

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sonia Messer Imports & The New Project

I came across these 4 pieces at an estate sale.  The mirror is in great condition and is labeled Shackman on the back.  The brass bench reminded me of the house I built with my daughter several years ago and thought it might work in the bathroom there. All that it needs is a padded cushion.   To see Carolyn's Place click HERE.

The gold velvet chair and sofa are Sonia Messer pieces from the 1970's.  It was part of a collection called the Queen Anne English Deluxe Living Room.  All of the pieces were carved from walnut and were manufactured in Columbia.

As you may have noticed, the sofa is missing a few pieces.  After studying the chair for a while, I realized that it had all of the pieces that I needed for the sofa.

 Both the chair and the sofa contain the original Sonia Messer Imports stickers on the bottom.  They also have the price tags.  The chair was $26 and I can't make out the one on the sofa.  Today they both retail for about $50-$75 each.

Several years ago I came across both of these Sonia Messer pieces.  The trunk and the serving tray are both 1"=1'-0" scale and as with all Messer pieces, they are made from walnut

This photo shows the tags on the bottom of the tray and trunk

These are two other pieces of Sonia Messer furniture that I have in my collection.  
They are in the Garbe house which you can see by clicking HERE

The Project

 So I began the project.  I am carefully removing the arms and legs from the chair and I am going to reproduce them.  I have been reading up on making molds to reproduce small objects.  Once they are duplicated, I will re-assemble the chair.

A dry fit of the arm and support on the sofa were a near perfect  fit! 

These are the pieces that I removed from the chair that I will need to duplicate.  
The left and right arm and support.  I will need 3 of the carved claw foot legs, and just one of the tall back legs.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Recent Acquisitions

I haven't posted about some of my miniature finds in a while.  
I have picked up a few things at local estate sales and ebay.  

I came across this Egyptian style chair at an estate sale this week.  It is by Willits and the collection is called "Take A Seat" -To see the rest of my Take A Seat collection, click HERE

I found this wood dresser with mirror on ebay.  It is part of my HALL'S collection.
It is constructed from veneered plywood and particle board and first appeared in their 1972 catalog.

To see the HALL'S pieces that I have collected so far, click HERE

I found this elephant collection at an estate sale a while back.  The sale included almost anything elephant that you can think of.  The largest one is less than an inch tall and appears to be carved from bone or ivory, the one on the right is plastic the the other three are metal.  The smallest one is about 1/8" tall.

I found this scale and silver tea pot at another sale.  They are 1"=1'0" scale

The tea pot is actually a momento from one of the America's Cup Races.  
It says New Zealand and has a year that I cant quite make out.

This collection of items was from another estate sale. I like the tiny wooden box of sewing notions, threads, ribbon, scissors, and the tiny eye glasses.  

I found this Renwal #27 plastic baby scooter at yet another estate sale.  
It dates from the 1950's.  To see the rest of my plastic furniture, and see my 200th post HERE

Lastly, I came across a bunch of Hallmark Christmas ornaments that work great for miniature displays, because they are close to 1"= 1'-0" scale.
The Yellow HOT ROD is a reproduction of the 1956 Garton pedal car
The burgundy car is a reproduction of 1937 Steelcraft pedal car by Airflow 
(note the tiny squeeze horn mounted on the side)
and my favorite is the green tricycle.  It is a reproduction of the 1937 Steelcraft Streamline Velocipede by Murray - great pin stripes

They make great accessories to period displays

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween !  This is a project I made from a foam pumpkin, some paperclay, paint, and a few other odds and a few years ago.  The pumpkin and lights were purchased at 50% off after Halloween.

Do you dare trick or treat at this scary house ?

Lots of jack-o'-lanterns line the yard and the porch is decorated for Halloween.  I made the stone porch out of paper clay and painted it to look old.

I painted the windows and shutters with crackle finish to add to the effect.  Still contemplating what kind of plants to put in the window boxes.  Maybe some sort of man eating plant or something from Harry Potter?

The jack-o'-lanterns are from Lemax.  I hid the transformer under the floor. The table inside is just an upside down plastic cup that I covered with some Halloween fabric.  The candy corn floor lamp is also from Lemax.  The parlor stove is a plastic kit by Chrysnbon that I put together back in the 1980s.  I am still contemplating how to make a cool chimney for it on the outside of the pumpkin.

The scary skeleton is sitting lounging on a Victorian chaise lounge, waiting to hand out goodies to anyone who dares come trick or treating.  I used a piece of scrap book paper to cover the floor.  The floor is a piece of foam core that I cut to fit.

I created a niche under the stairs for the display.  Did you notice the Halloween candy decorations hanging from the lights?