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Friday, July 22, 2016

Recent Acquisitions

I have picked up a few items here and there, mainly at local estate sales.

I came across this 1930's Rich dollhouse.  I will need to make some new windows, but other than that, it is in pretty great shape.  I located an advertisement for the house in an old catalog, it is called the "Berkshire" and has six rooms inside.  It was unique because the second floor overhangs the first floor. It sold for $2.94 back in 1939.
The advertisement describes the roof color as brown, so I may have to fix that too!

A cow-worker picked this small cottage up for me at a garage sale for $5.  
It needs a little TLC. 

I came across these antique or vintage handkerchiefs at a garage sale. I liked the blue tatted edges.  I am envisioning it as a bed spread in my Tynietoy house in the blue bedroom.  It can be seen HERE

I have picked up a few random pieces here and there.  I found this Dollhouse Victorian wallpaper book from the the 1980's.  It still has all of the paper in it!  I found the porch swing at another sale and it will most likely end up on my daughter's house. CLICK HERE

I left another sale with this vintage 'antique' map of the world with burnt edges.   I think it will end up on the wall of a library. 

The Dolls' House book was a great find.   

Here is the inside cover page (1965)  It is mainly black and white photos and the typeset looks to be done with a typewriter.

When I visited the Smithsonian a while back, I was able to see Faith Bradford's dollhouse that is on display there and I picked up the the large full color book "America's Doll House".  It offers a totally different perspective than the 1965 version.  The new book is full of color photos of each individual room and goes into detail about how the collection was put together and also has some history.  The vintage book is put together more like a story book and describes each of the dolls in the house and talks about some of the rooms.  They are both great!

To see more about Faith Bradford's dollhouse at the Smithsonian, click HERE

Monday, July 11, 2016

La Pausa - Coco Chanel's Home

I was able to visit to the Dallas Museum of Art recently.  One of the permanent exhibits was a reconstruction of La Pausa, a home that Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel built on the French Riviera in 1927.  The 5 acre lot was originally located near Monaco.  In the early 1950's, fellow model Emery Reves, purchased the home and it's contents from Chanel.  In 1985, Reves donated the home and it's vast collection of art and antiques to the museum.

The home is reconstructed inside the walls of the museum and is pretty much in contrast to the other galleries inside the modern building.

This is the entry hall into the reconstruction of the house.

The reconstruction includes a replica of the exterior coutryard
Some of the furniture was given to Coco by the Duke of Westminister with whom she was romantically involved with.

The master bedroom

The house is full of antique furniture and great works of art including Renoir and Monet.

The dining room opens into the courtyard

The living room  or Salon opens to the courtyard opposite the dining room

Each room has a directory identifying the artist and the date

The home has hosted all kinds of dignitaries: Greta Garbo, Aristotle Onassis, and The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, just to name few.  Another frequent guest was Winston Churchill.  He would stay for months at a time. The following are paintings that Churchill worked on while staying at the home.

Churchill first stayed at the estate in 1956 after retiring from public life.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Maison de Monet a Giverny

I have picked up a few items here and there at estate sale.

I found these round wood pieces and knew that they would look great as a medallion on a ceiling supporting a light fixture.  The metal napkin rings looked like crates or cages to me and I found the wicker chair at another sale.  My daughter had the opportunity to travel to France and brought me back the fold out mini version of Monet's house in Giverny France.

She took hundreds of pictures, but I thought I would share a few.

Here is a shot of the real house while on her tour.  They had room boxes for sale in the gift shop.  She took some picture of those for me.

Room Box for sale

Room Box for sale

Monet's Dining Room

Monet's Dining Room in miniature

Monet's kitchen

Monet's kitchen in miniature

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Toy Store Room Box

I came across this room box at an estate sale this week:

 It is housed in a nice wooden box and has a framed glass door that closes over it.  The scene is shown above - a small boy looking into a toy store window.

Here is the view inside one end.

The view looking the other way shows a cash register and a small white mouse 

The room is jam packed with all kinds of items, some store bought and some handmade.  I suspect it must be from the late 1980's or early 1990's?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Recent Acqusitions

I have spent a few more of my lunch breaks at garage and estate sales

I have acquired a few new items recently. The antique style bike is actually a Christmas ornament.  I came across the picture at an estate sale.  The back is hammered copper and the artwork itself is made from small pieces of wire or straw?  The small pot of flowers is all made from paper (even the pot)  The rocking horse is heavy metal that has been painted a few times.  The group of ceramic puppies are labeled Japan on the bottom and the House of Miniatures kit was a recent eBay purchase.

I also came across this antique silk embroidered piece at an estate sale.  I cut off the tattered ribbon around the edges.  It will make a great rug somewhere.

I figured I could keep these puppies in the laundry room for now.
The laundry room is part of my Arcade Cast Iron collection.  Click HERE to see the rest.

I have placed the flower pot temporarily in the Garbe house.
The rest of the Garbe house can be seen by clicking HERE

Monday, April 11, 2016

Louis Sullivan Terracotta at the St Louis City Museum

I had the opportunity to travel to St Louis Missouri this past weekend and once again, visit the City Museum. The museum is housed in an multi-story building that was formerly a shoe factory and is partially a collection of architectural artifacts and salvaged items and has become a receptacle for pieces of all shapes and sizes.

Artists have taken the salvaged items and artfully  arranged them around the museum.

One thing that these photos do not capture is the scale of some of these pieces.

The people on this piece are full scale.

There were a few of these angelic women.

In the background you can see a mix of Sullivan and Art Deco.  Louis Sullivan is known as one of the founders of the modern architectural movement and there are several of his pieces that have been rescued and are on display.

This is the "key" to a large collection of Sullivan objects salvaged from the Chicago Stock Exchange building which was demolished in 1972.

Above is a piece of the stair balustrade                            and a bronze newel post 

I found this picture online that shows the pieces in context before the building was demolished.

Here some more pieces salvaged from the exterior of the building.

This round medallion is from another Sullivan project

To see more of the museum on a previous visit click HERE