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Friday, August 18, 2017


My son pointed out this tin litho Tootsietoy sign mounted to the wall at a restaurant while we were on vacation this summer.

I guess I must be rubbing off on him?
The restaurant was literally covered with wall to wall with all kinds of advertisements.
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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Recent Acquisitions

I was able to purchase a few items from a miniature estate sale in Oklahoma City last weekend.  The estate sale included items from two collectors who had recently passed away. 

I found these striped porcelain dishes that I have in my 1970's house with my Hall's Lifetime Furniture Collection.  You can see my Hall's collection by clicking HERE

I also purchased a few odds and ends at the sale including this wooden bowl, a crate of grapes and a Reutter Porcelain juicer and toast caddy and the dishes shown below.

I purchased these green dishes for my 1940's Strombecker house.  It has a green kitchen.

There was a box that had these dishes and the silver punch bowl below - 
I will find a place for them somewhere!

crackers & cheese ? ( A fimo find at a garage sale)

I have quite a bit of red velvet Victorian furniture, but I hadn't seen these chairs before, so I purchased them along with this Bespaq table. I like the Lyre supports on the table- maybe in a music room?

I found these Gothic arched chairs at a local antique mall a while back.  Not sure where I will use them, but I like all of the intricate detail.

I came across this light oak carved cabinet and decided it might go nicely with these other light oak pieces that I have had for many years.( see below)

These mahogany carved chairs and tables below with white Damask Taffeta upholstery, were also at a local antique mall and the Bespaq trunk was at a garage sale that our local miniature club hosted here in Tulsa last month.

The trunk is one of my new favorite pieces.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Vintage Marx Tin Litho Mid-Century Modern House

I came across this Marx Tin Lithograph Ranch style house at a local estate sale a while back.  It is 1/2" scale and has almost all of the original furniture that came with the house.

Some of the original furniture included baby furniture - 
the perfect set up for a starter house for a newlywed couple.

One of the neat pieces of the furniture is the television on a stand that rotates.

A little research shows that this patio is most likely a car port.

 A special thanks to these two for helping hold the back-drop!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Petite Princess Dining Room

I came across this Petite Princess Dining Room on EBay the other day and picked it up for a great price.  I have a few pieces of this plastic furniture made by Ideal.

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Kage House Exterior Windows

I have finally finished making the window trim for the exterior of the Kage house.  I snapped a few photos.  

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Friday, June 2, 2017

Wardrobe Break

I came across this wardrobe at a local antique mall the other day.  The round posts on the front reminded me of the Sonia Messer furniture that I have been collecting.

I decided to take a break from making window trim and paint the columns on the wardrobe to match the Sonia Messer Pieces.

The wardrobe has a brown stain, so I went over it with a little mahogany stain to try and make it look a little closer.

Here the wardrobe is pictured with a few other pieces.

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Window Trim

I found these plaster window sills and heads at a sale not too long ago for a dollar, so I couldn't pass them up.  I figured that I could probably use them somewhere.

I still had a some mold making supplies from a Sonia Messer Repair project a while back.
To see it, click HERE

The first step was to make a mold of the existing pieces.  The kit comes with a two part putty that you knead together.  (it sets up pretty quickly)

Once the mold material set up, I mixed a two part resin and poured it in.  As you can see, it starts out clear.

As the resin begins to set up, it changes to a white color, literally before your eyes.

This is the window sill right out of the mold.  It has a few pieces that need to be trimmed off and it need to be sanded.

This image shows the new resign pieces on top and the original plaster pieces below.  They are not quite as crisp as the originals, but they will do.

This is a picture of one of the trim pieces above the existing windows in the Kage House.  I am still shocked that it is almost a perfect fit.  The Kage house has 22 windows so I better get busy!

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Egyptian Pieces

I came across some Egyptian themed furniture at a local antique mall.

The pieces are:

A statue of a seated Hathor Egyptian Mother Goddess with head dress
A golden throne with a hieroglyphics
A statue of a seated lion 
Royal Egyptian Black Cat with a golden necklace
A black Anubis jackal statue

I posed the pieces with an antique camera for fun.

Now I need to find some hieroglyphic wallpaper or stickers?

Thursday, May 18, 2017


I came across some wood letters at Michaels the other day that were on sale.  
I decided I could add another name to the logo wall in the miniature studio

You will notice that the letter "O" is a different color.  Thus begins my story.  

The "O" that came with the letters was not a circle it kind of looked more like a flat tire and I didn't really like it.  I looked all over the metro area for some perfect 3-1/2" tall perfectly round circles.  There was no such thing.  I finally found some on Etsy.  They were relatively inexpensive so I ordered them.  They are made from mdf, but I figured that wouldn't matter since I was going to paint them anyway.  They arrived and were about twice as thick as the wood letters that I had.  So I went back to Michael's to purchase another set of wood letters to stack.  I figured that I could stack the letter so that they would be the same thickness as the new "O"s.  Of course they were all out of most of the letters that I needed.  so I bought some different ones and chopped them up to make do.  For example, I had to make the back of the "T"s our of "E"s by cutting off the bottom two 'crossbars' and adding a piece to the top.  The seams don't really matter because it will be on the back of the letter.

Here is a the actual Tootsietoy logo on the bottom of a table.  I have tried to make the logos somewhat relate to the original designs.

I decided to paint the Tootsietoy logo metallic silver since the furniture is that color under the paint.  Here are a couple of photos of the logos on the wall in the studio.

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Recent Acquisitions

I came across these two small boxes of miniatures at an estate sale this week.  They were marked down to $5 each.  I knew the cast iron tea cart was worth more than the asking price and I was intrigued by the German hand painted minis in the other box.

The cast iron tea cart is by Kilgore from the 1920's - 1930's, and I liked the vintage Christmas tree.  There is always room for accessories.  
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I did a little research and found out more about this set of furniture.  It is a set of Dora Kuhn Miniature Furniture.  They are marked made in Germany on the bottom.  There is a great blog post about the maker of this furniture - click HERE

Dora Kuhn and her husband made these sets in different scales. This appears to be part of mini set made in the 1940's, shortly after WWII.  The bed is only about 2" long.  Many of these sets were purchased by military servicemen and brought home as souvenirs.  I may have to make a little room box to display this set in.

I also recently won this Tynietoy floor lamp in an auction on Ebay.  It stands about 4" tall.

The parchment shade is hand painted and still has its original brass brads. The brads and the parchment have a great patina.  The shade has a few tears and repairs.  

The lamp is marked with the Tynietoy logo on the bottom

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